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2 New Feature Added

We have compiled 2 new features in the member area under Promotion Guides/tools........



Step by Step Reports - 5 New Reports Added

We have compiled and added 5 new reports on how to succeed online. They are very detailed and very long and we encourage all members to check them out.......

Enhanced Member Support System.

All network marketing system/programs require strong, more responsive, and active leader to lead their team. As a result......



New Online Payment Processor Added - Payoneer.

We're happy to annouce that we're getting a lot of attention from networkers in Negeria and will be......



   - We cause our own failure when we fail to become a part of a supportive team.

What is your dream? Do you want to own a franchise of a very
successful business or do you want to own a small one person shop?

Think of being a part of a team as being a part of a large franchise

The purpose of a franchise is support and name recognition. The same is true of a team

My first two months with Reality Networkers I was able to sign up 130 new referrals. Of these 130 referrals, 10 completed their first level immediately. Several more are working on some phase of this and will complete their first level shortly.

Here is where teamwork comes in. I only need 5 on my first level, so that means that the five on my first level will receive 1 each of the other 5 on their first level to help them get their 5.

I am not slowing down, so that means there will be many more to give away in the future.

When was the last time your up line sent you a paid team member to be directly under you?

Do you want to have your cake and eat it to? Then come on and join the team, then build your own team. The big difference between a franchise and a team is that as the leader of your own team, you will choose what programs you want to join and make available to your team.

Your Friend and Partner

Frank Walker

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