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Program Stats:

Run Time : 0 years

Total Membership: 6,021,404

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Program News:

2 New Feature Added

We have compiled 2 new features in the member area under Promotion Guides/tools........



Step by Step Reports - 5 New Reports Added

We have compiled and added 5 new reports on how to succeed online. They are very detailed and very long and we encourage all members to check them out.......

Enhanced Member Support System.

All network marketing system/programs require strong, more responsive, and active leader to lead their team. As a result......



New Online Payment Processor Added - Payoneer.

We're happy to annouce that we're getting a lot of attention from networkers in Negeria and will be......

"This unique system has reduced the traditional 95% inactive rate down to 90% in as little as 1 month !"

"The Forced Team Support and Forced Referring System is the ONLY WAY to achieve 100% active rate!"


Hi fellow marketers,

During the past 10 years, Reality-Networkers have grown to 6,021,404 members and their Forced Team Support and Forced Referring System have proven to work by reducing the inactivity rate from 95% to 90%!!

Yes! That means with this unique system, the number of active marketers has increased by 5% in as little as 1 month!

This means with this unique system, even if your referrals are not referring in the beginning, they'll still receive lots of spillovers from their uplines while their downlines are also building the matrices for them.


How will this system actually help your referrals ?

It's very simple.

Say if your referrals have hundreds of even thousands of dollars sitting in the account waiting for them to complete their first task of referring only 5 people, do you think they'd say no to that money?

No way!

Soon enough, they'll start contacting their mentors and really start reading the step by step report to complete their first task of referring only 5 people in as little as 14 days using only 20 safelists.

As you can see, with our unique system, you'll never have to worry about the silence down there anymore. Sooner or later, you'll start seeing each and every one of your referrals promoting like crazy !!

Everyone in the Reality-Networkers is already experiencing the excitement of having such a high activity rate in their downline.

What are you still waiting for ?

More "No refer and earn millions" Scams ??

It's time to stop dreaming and time to really start working !!

Remember !

"To truly maximize the potential of online marketing is not by joining all those no-need-to-work scams or trying to refer the entire team by yourself."

It can be easily done by having each person refer only 5 people.

And ONLY at Reality-Networkers can it be done with the Forced Team Support/Forced Referring System !!


To get started, simply fill out the form below and you'll be able to receive all the benefits including your own 5x6 matrix for FREE right away!


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Remember, it is A LOT easier for each person to refer 5 people, than it is for 1 person to refer 15000+ people.

If you have not been changing your way of referring, it is time to do so now!