"You can retire in 30 days !!"

- Samantha Loomis


Online Opportunities can be categorized into 2 types

1) You are required to refer in order to earn money

2) You are not required to refer to earn money


The problem:

Most people failed in Type 1 because 95% of their downline is not referring. And it is impossible for them to refer the entire matrix. Thus although it is possible to earn thousands of dollars every month, most people failed to achieve that kind of income.

Most people failed in Type 2 because 95% of the members in the program are not referring. And it is impossible for the program itself to keep on referring for the entire downline. Thus these kinds of programs often crash within a couple of months and are always perceived as scams for failing to deliver their promises.


The Solution:

It is thus very clear that in order to succeed online, the key is not to join a good program. It is always about getting those 95% of people to refer for you.

If you can get those 95% of people to refer for you:

  Does it matter what kind of program you're in ?
  Does it matter how much those programs cost to join ?
  Does it matter if the programs are "scams" ?

Of course not !!!

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Remember, it is A LOT easier for each person to refer 5 people, than it is for 1 person to refer 15000+ people.

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